Red October  ​Red October was one of our first waxes ever made at Wax-Planet and still a firm favourite . The coconut scented hard wax gives an exceptional combination of gloss and protection. One added bonus to Red October is that you can wax your car with it ......the whole car , paint, metal, rubber , plastic trim and even glass (windscreen not recommended) 
Ease of use is a feature that doesn't go unnoticed with this wax and can be used by any level of car enthusiast . 
Red October is £30 for a 200 ml glass jar .

​Pulp Friction ​is a new show wax from Wax-Planet . This is a blend of Montan and Carnauba and is a 100% natural wax. This wax is very easy to use simply apply with a foam applicator either dry or damp in a very thin layer in a circular motion covering the whole panel and leave to cure it will buff off with ease leaving behind a superb gloss finish .
Less is more with this wax and it is quite easy to get a very thin coat applied .
Curing times will vary depending on weather conditions and can be layered after an hour. This lime green wax has a gorgeous Rhubarb and custard scent . 
Exceptional value at £35 per 200ml glass pot

PREP-MASTER ​is a non abrasive pre wax cleaner , simply apply a small amount by hand or machine onto the panel and cover the whole panel. Leave prep master to haze and buff to a perfectly clean panel ready for waxing 250ml

ORBIT Orbit is a full Montan blend of wax, a hard wax that works very much the same as a soft wax, very easy to use and produces a fantastic finish to any paint colour. Apply orbit in a very thin layer covering the whole panel, wait for it to cure and buff to a stunning glossy finish. Montan is normally used on darker coloured cars but this blend gives the same stunning results on lighter colours cars. Orbit is £35 for a 200 ml luxury glass jar.

Revolution  has now been housed in larger 200ml glass jars . For anyone who hasn't used this carnauba show wax your missing out on a superb very easy to use wax that is hard to beat at this price point . This is wet look gloss in a pot with very very good durability rarely seen on a show wax . Quite possibly the easiest wax we have ever used , there are no instructions required to achieve outstanding results with this wax. Revolution X is suited to both beginner and advanced detailer , simply apply , leave to cure and buff . After buffing turn the cloth and wipe the panel over and admire the finish you have achieved .
As with all waxes good clean paint is required for best results . Revolution X is priced at £30 per 200 ml glass pot .

RED OCTOBER leading premium grade high content carnauba car wax


The home of luxury affordable car waxes . All Wax-Planet waxes now come in luxury 200ml glass enclosures. Quality assured with our hand poured car wax in Rotherham.

NUBA GLAZE Is a carnauba based non abrasive polishing glaze , simply apply a small amount by hand or machine covering the whole panel, leave to haze and buff to a mirror glass finish. This glaze will have any paint colour popping and gives over 2 months of protection. This glaze works wonderful with wax planet waxes 250 ml